Influence Never Walk Alone, You Need Something More

In the world one of the biggest changes we can ever make is in regards to our influence with the industry. There are many different businesses that can change the world in a second, or in a blink of an eye. These businesses are wealthy, and they have a great influence in today’s communities especially online. We wanted to give a special attention to these businesses. We are talking here about businesses like Facebook, google, bing, yahoo, apple computers, dell, oracle, and many other businesses that are in the leading industry.

These businesses are very influential and they have become as such, due to the simple fact of how much influence they bring to the game. Not all businesses are as influential as these mentioned above, and we are not in any way shape or form, limiting our list of businesses because we know there are many more. In addition, there are many businesses there are up-and-coming, and these businesses promise to be very influential in our industry today, even startups. What about your business? Is your business as influential as these?

What Does INFLUENCE Mean?

We are here talking about a type of influence that has nothing to do with its wealth, but everything to do with the morals and principles they bring to the table. This is crucial for every industry growth. Many think that influence is always related to how much money a business has, but they never think about how much influence there is when it comes down to relationships within its company. There are principles that one needs to adhere and only then you can measure its company’s success.


To be an influential company you have to be able to play the game correctly. You need to have a good structure in place in this structure should be scalable and be able to stand the test of time. This is what steve Jobs has done with Apple. Even though it’s company founder has passed away the principles and knowledge are still alive within its confinements, and this is due to an influential individual. Steve’s work ethics, and business ethics took Apple to a whole new level. They are still the leaders in technology today and this could not be accomplished without an influential individual behind it all.

Is Influence Ethical?

Even though we are here mentioning about the Apple company, many professionals and leaders in their companies can make some influence with ethics, and they do not always go together. Many different companies are influential but they lacked work ethics to maintain the status quo. Even though your business is influential one can never underestimate the power of influence and miss the point. To be influential in the proper manner, means you have to be at school at all times, and without exception.

Always remember that influence comes with ethics.

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