Yes yes yes we’ve all heard it. Nowadays privacy is a big thing and probably the least we have. If you think about it privacy policy in this country seems to be taken lightly and we don’t want our users to really have anything to worry about. The fact of the matter is privacy is important to us and we care about it deeply. Here are the things that we don’t want you to worry about.

Many websites will keep its information, from every single user that visits it. We never share your information unless it’s voluntarily shared with us. Even from our contact page we do not keep that information you put inside our form fields, simply because we respect your privacy. Was World is a legit business Insider blog and platform and even though the days of privacy seem to be over we will keep our promise to the end of times.

We don’t foresee changing it anytime soon. So you can rest assure that we will not be sharing your information or selling it to third parties.